Why Open Access?

Provides for unrestricted access to journals and publications, along with an ideal platform for thousands of scholarly brains to return together for development of science. Open Access helps accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, encourage innovation, enrich education, and stimulate the economy to enhance the knowledge of the general public.

Open Access publications are very important for communication and to analyze the scientific research worldwide. The advantages of Open Access journals are apparent enough to boost awareness among scientists and alternative stakeholders for supporting additional Open Access publications from the commercial enterprise teams. The traditional publishing model requires authors to relinquish their rights, thereby placing limitations on the impact and exposure of their work. However, within the scientific community, scholarly articles are written principally for making an impact to a wider audience with borderline interest within the monetary rewards or royalties. This has resulted within the publishers turning into sole beneficiaries, creating millions in profits, whereas the scientists and public suffer the consequences of overpriced scientific journals.

To overcome this drawback, within the recent years, Open Access publishing has been created with the support of funding agencies. Universities, libraries, publishers, and governments reflect upon the specified policies and insist scholars to publish their analysis and to go through freely available repositories. The Open Access initiative has opened a brand new realm of publishing models by encouraging additional Open Access publishing teams to deliver sustainable Open Access publications and research information.

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