Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences

ISSN: 2393-9060
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DOI: 10.15744

Concerns about Soy Cultivation: What is Known and What is not Known

Jargin SV

Beta (1-3)(1-6)-D-glucan with strong effects on immune status in chicken: potential importance for efficiency of commercial farming

Vetvicka Vaclav

Missing Breakfast, Sleep and Exercise: Are You Skipping Out Years of Life

Sajjad A

Intent vs. Implementation—Food Allocation to Adult Males in WIC Households

Martin-Anderson S

A Comparison of Blood Amino Acid Concentrations Following Ingestion of Rice and Whey Protein Isolate: A Double-Blind Crossover Study

Purpura M

Nutritional Aspects in Heart Failure

Pinho CPS

Impact of Training Programme on Knowledge and Perception of Primary Health Care (PHC) Workers on Nutrition Component of Safe Motherhood Initiative in South-West Nigeria

Oyewole OE

The Effects of A Combined Exercise, Healthy Diet, and Dental Hygiene Program on Body Composition, Physical Condition, Eating Habits, and Dental Care for Shelter Home Residents with Intellectual Disabilities


Dietary Intake of Children Participating in the USDA Summer Food Service Program

Betty del Rio-Rodriguez

Developing and Testing Nutrition Messages for Asian Indian Mothers

Olson BH
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