Journal of Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Editorial Board Member - JMSN


Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry
Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Industrial Production
University of Naples Federico II

Dr. Raffaele Marotta is presently working as an Associate Professor of Industrial Chemistry in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Industrial Production at University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He is Member of the board of the Doctorate School in Chemical Engineering, University of Naples Federico II. He has participated to national and international projects in the field of environmental technologies for the destruction of toxic contaminants. He is author of 80 scientific publications on peer-reviewed Journals and numerous communications to international congresses concerning environmental problems and industrial chemistry. He is tutor of 5 Ph.D. Theses and of more than 50 Laurea Theses since 1998. He is interested teaching courses like Industrial Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Environmental Organic Chemistry.


He is involved in research activities in the field of Advanced Oxidation Processes of biorefractory pollutants in aqueous solution, fate of xenobiotics in the aquatic environment, kinetic modelling of oxidation processes of organic substances in water, hazard evaluation in chemical processes, removal processes of heavy metals from waters by solar photocatalytic nanotechnologies, solar chemical processes and photo-assisted selective oxidation processes for green and sustainable chemistry, hydrogen production by nanophotocatalysis.

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