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Abdelfattah Y. M. Nour

Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Purdue University
United States

Abdelfattah Nour, DVM, MS, Ph.D (Cornell University, USA), is Professor of Basic Medical Sciences at the Department of Basic Medical Sciences and Founding Director of International Programs In Veterinary Medicine (1994-May 1, 2009) at Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. He has 24 years of experience in teaching medical physiology to veterinary medical students, graduate (MS and Ph.D.) students. He developed a Clinical physiology Course for Veterinary Technology students to provide the physiological basis for clinical functions and medical interventions of the animal Professor Nour is adjunct professor at the Faculty of Nursing, Benha University, Egypt. ). Dr. Nour was elected in 2009 as a Purdue Community of Service Learning Faculty fellow and received an award for his contributions to service learning. As a Community of Service Learning Faculty fellow he advises Purdue Faculty and conducted workshops to help faculty design service learning courses or integrate service learning in their exiting courses. Professor Nour earned a Ph.D from Cornell University, USA, in Animal Science with emphasis on livestock production and meat quality attributes and meat composition.  Prof. Nour’s contributions to the development of international programs is uniformly recognized and praised by the external reviewers. These reviewers include persons from the U.S.A. and nations where the programs he has created have had an impact. There is also recognition of his work in educational development.  Because of efforts, SVM received Purdue’s University’s Internationalization Award in 2009.


Abdelfattah Nour research areas include education research, food security, and biomarkers for kidney and other diseases. His educational research focuses on information literacy, team-based learning, social networking and learning. Small ruminants for food security in poor households in Africa: The role of women's cooperatives and entrepreneurship; effects of drug-induced renal damage on CBC, biochemical profile of the serum, kidneys histopathological changes in experimental rats; study of the possible association between some of the uremic toxins and allergic factors in hemodialysis patients suffering from pruritus; histological and ultra-structural studies of the major endocrine glands of in relation to Age and W bneight.

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