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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q?Will the journal acknowledge the manuscript which is emailed for publication?

Yes, we acknowledge manuscript through email within 24 hours of the receipt.

Q?What is the time that the journal takes to respond to a query (or) email?

The time generally varies from a minute to 24 hours and depends on the type of query raised in the email.

Q?What amount of time will the journal takes to review the manuscript?

The time period for review varies from one week to 21 working days (Maximum two months in extra ordinary circumstances). If in case you hadn’t received any status about the manuscript you may raise the query.

Q?How author can submit the manuscript to the journal?

Author can submit the manuscript by using “submit manuscript” option on our website for online submission. If author finds any difficulty by online submission, he/she can directly email to

Q?What policy does the journal have for the publication of accepted manuscripts?

We place the manuscripts in the publication list for publication on first come first publish basis after completion of all the formalities by the author concerned.

Q?Does the journal charge any fee for the publication of manuscript?

Yes, the authors are requested to pay the article processing charges (Click here to see the APC) if the manuscript is accepted for publication after completing the peer review.

Q?Do the journal releases the issues at regular Intervals?

Yes, the journal publishes issues at regular intervals.

Q?Whom should I direct my inquiry?

You can direct your query to



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