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Instructions for Editors (Editor Guidelines)

Editor guidelines

Respective editor of every journal play a key role in maintaining the quality and standards of the journal. Each editor of the journal should take the responsibility about the reputation and entire content of the journal. The journal quality depends on the editor and the core role of editorial board members is to work on the peer review process in time.

  • Editor will assign the submitted manuscript to the reviewer based on their area of research.
  • Editor should give the updates to the author about his paper.
  • An article will get rejected if it doesn’t meet the policies of submission.
  • If the same article is submitted simultaneously, it leads to the rejection of the article.
  • Article which meets the minimum criteria will be sent to the reviewers by the editor if they accept to review the manuscript.
  • The time given to the reviewers to review the manuscript is 14 days.
  • Only the editor has the right to acceptance/rejection the article based on the Comments/suggestions received and shall convey the same to the author.
  • The manuscript will undergo a second round of review if changes are needed, where editor will ask the author to resubmit for revised revision. The author shall receive the decision along with the comments/Suggestions from reviewers.
  • If article is not suitable for publication it will get rejected. The editor shall inform the same to the author(s) along with the comments by reviewer.

Following these guidelines we guarantee that our review process will be efficient and helpful in maintaining the standard and quality of the articles. This will also be helpful for maintaining a good scientific relation between author(s), editors and reviewers.

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