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The Existence of International Criminal Justice and Liability

International Criminal Justice is seen with the bi-focal lens of liability under municipal laws, enforced by the local courts and international laws enforced by international tribunals. Another limb to this is the application of Customary International Laws to crimes within national jurisdictions as certain crimes are seen as universal deeming such submergible under municipal laws. Implementation of treaties become relevant in this regard due to the important roles of consenting nations in abiding by the principles of law designed to tackle crimes internationally and the exigent need to keep the peace within the local jurisdictions.

Effects of Omitting Vitamin-Trace Mineral Premixes from Finisher Ration on Performance, Carcass Parameters and Blood Characteristics of Broilers Fed Corn- or Wheat-Based Diets

An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of cereal sources (corn or wheat) and omitting premix from finisher diets (from 29 to 42 days of age) on broiler performance, carcass measurements, and blood biochemical properties.